Here are just a few Port-a-Bridge applications:

  • Highway Contractors
  • Municipalities
  • Utility Companies and Contractors
  • Developers
  • Parks and Golf Courses
  • Events
  • Windmill Farms

portable bridge systemThe Port-a-Bridge® by Griswold Machine & Engineering (GME) is a modular bridge system designed for rapid delivery and installation at the jobsite.  The Port-a-Bridge is available in 10-foot increments, from 20' to 50' long.  Each section is 6-foot wide.  Two units join together to form a 12'-wide single-lane structure that allows vehicles, equipment, or foot traffic to proceed over or around the construction site or impassable area.

Typically, a bridge can be installed on-site in minutes, making it ideal for short- to medium-term usage.  Units can be loaded onto a truck with a heavy-duty fork truck or small crane.  Contractors on-site can install the units using excavators or small rough-terrain cranes.

The system is designed to permit the formation of multiple spans in multiple lanes, utilising our standard length units.  The full-welded structural steel unites feature steel  decking for maximum durability.  They are designed to meet specific U.S. loading criteria, in accordance with AASHTO-US bridge design code by licensed professional engineers.  Each unit can safely handle HS25 loading and typical heavy-duty dump trucks.  Units also feature a vehicular crash barrier, also designed and detailed to accommodate pedestrian traffic.

The short-span solutions that KEEPS THINGS MOVING! Port-a-Bridge Copyright Griswold Machine & Equipment, Inc.